Kaitlin Reiss
UX designer

Checkout Process

UI Design

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The Project

This was a high speed design that required an extremely lean process. Between a Front End Developer and myself, we designed and built a checkout solution for subscriptions in just a couple of weeks.

Checkout Process

Notes from a quick whiteboard session with the Developer and Creative Director.

Final Design
Checkout Process

Step 1

The layout of the checkout page is set up in a 3 step process. An account sign up was required at the beginning of the checkout process.

Checkout Process

Step 2

After an account was made, or the customer signed in, the customer chooses their subscription preference.

Checkout Process

Step 3

As the customer completes each step, they will be able to see the choices they have made, and make edits if needed.

Checkout Process

Payment is the last requirement of this process.

Checkout Process

Purchase Complete

After a purchase is complete, a brief thank you is presented. More details appear in the receipt that is sent after the purchase is complete. A customer is not charged at the point of a first time subscription, so a billing date will appear on the receipt in case they want to cancel before a charge is made.